Republicans must be more like Trump to thwart him. You read that right.

Voters can smell inauthenticity a mile off, and they don’t like wusses. Especially Republican voters. It’s one reason a bunch of them were never as warm toward Mitt Romney as they are toward Trump. It’s a reason why in the 2012 contest, a lot of voters showed interest in Newt Gingrich, who exhibited a willingness to get rough in debates in a way that that Romney never could.

Republicans need to learn this lesson, and learn it now. People are always asking when the Republicans will break from Trump. The answer contains a great irony: They will break from him when they start acting more like him. That doesn’t mean aping him on policy. Just on style, while in fact standing up to him on policy where they disagree.

Here are three areas where they don’t agree with the President and should start showing a few more huevos.