At Helsinki, Trump undermined our power-abusing intelligence agencies, not America

All this matters much more than the legitimacy of Trump’s election. In the quote above, Trump is spot-on when he says that a significant effect of the Mueller investigation has been worse relations with Russia. In fact, relations haven’t been this tense for a very long time. Sanctions have ratcheted up, Trump’s energy policy threatens Russia’s sway over Europe, and American forces in Syria recently killed dozens of Russian mercenaries.

Increased tensions between the world’s two great nuclear powers isn’t something to be taken lightly. But why are many elected officials — especially Democrats — so against Trump sitting down for a chat with Putin? America needs Russian cooperation on North Korean sanctions, in just one example. And why do so many of our unelected officials and talking-heads, including those in the intelligence community, seem to have a problem with Trump trying to have better relations with Russia? Maybe there are budgets, think-tank positions, and even weapons-programs reliant on Russia being seen as a Cold War-era enemy.

But the republic is also on the line if unelected bureaucrats can be this unaccountable and wield this much power. Brennan, Clapper, and Comey (“the Three Stooges”) need to be held to account. Fortunately, if Trump takes the Stooges on as he did in Helsinki, he will win every time. Trump, for all his foibles, has withstood heavy public scrutiny — including of his personal life — because he was elected. Clapper and Brennan have not endured any scrutiny, and Comey has received very little. The more the unelected Three Stooges talk, especially Brennan and Clapper, the more the American people will be creeped out.

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