It’s no crime to be happy in the age of Trump

One of the favorite adages of woke millennials is: Check your privilege. It’s a standby of activists who like to constantly remind others that the body and life they are born into comes with specific privileges. Before commenting on any situation, they demand that an individual must acknowledge their own inherent advantages vis-à-vis race, gender, socioeconomic status, etc., and consider those privileges every waking moment, but especially before daring to express an opinion or render judgment.

So consider what a privilege it is for millions of Americans to walk around decrying the toll the president is taking on their happiness, especially when, for many of them, no part of his presidency has impacted their lives in any meaningful way. While millions of Americans are tuned out of the day-to-day news of politics because they are focused on the sometimes gargantuan task of providing for their families, they are mocked and derided by those who let their happiness be determined by Donald Trump.

It’s become a prerequisite for leftists to post any nonpolitical content: They can’t just be happy, because showing any kind of unqualified joy is somehow complicity in the president’s reign of misery.

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