ICE is the ugly face of big-government populism

Among the dysfunctional ice bureaucracy’s most egregious shortcomings: the wrongful arrest and incarceration of U.S. citizens and legal residents. Davino Watson was wrongfully imprisoned for 1,273 days. Sergey Mayorov was wrongfully imprisoned for 324 days.

Mark Lyttle was wrongfully imprisoned for 53 days, then wrongfully deported and “forced to cross the Mexican border on foot with only $3 in his pocket,” an ACLU summary of his ordeal alleges. “Lyttle endured 125 days wandering through Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, sleeping in streets and shelters, and even being imprisoned in a Honduran jail, before he was finally referred to a U.S. consular officer in Guatemala who actually listened to his story. The officer obtained confirmation of Lyttle’s U.S. citizenship by calling one of his brothers who serves in the U.S. military. Only through the extensive efforts of Lyttle’s family and a lawyer was he finally able to return.”

One might imagine that that plucking Americans out of their lives, strip-searching them, confining them to cages, and rendering them terrified, unable to work, and unable to see their families would be considered as scandalous by the GOP as the wrongful application of extra scrutiny to nonprofit organizations seeking to obtain tax-exempt status.

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