Good Trump, bad Trump

While some on the right raised alarms about Kavanaugh being too much of a Washington insider, he is clearly well qualified and his judicial record is generally conservative. Trump did not, as some joked or feared, decide to tap some reality show star like Judge Judy or his pro-choice sister to the high court. Some of Kavanaugh’s decisions raise questions, but he’s far from reminiscent of David Souter. In choosing him, Trump took the job seriously, followed a sober process, and his team smoothly rolled out the nomination.

But despite some successes, Trump has demonstrated the same erratic behavior as he did during the campaign. He regularly lashes out on Twitter, has bumbled his way into a pointless escalating trade war, and has displayed a penchant for appeasing autocrats including Putin and Kim Jong Un. Scoffing at transparency, he has refused to release his tax returns, depriving the American people of the ability to assess any financial conflicts of interest facing their president.

For those conservatives who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump in 2016, but who have applauded some of his actions as president, the regular appearances of Bad Trump have made it impossible to come around and embrace Good Trump.