Mueller will show that Trump is in Putin's pocket

My theory is that Trump has for years been up to his neck in financial deals with Russian oligarchs (maybe the mafia there, too). His son Donald Jr. confirmed in 2008 that Trump Inc. was dependent on “lots of Russian money” when it couldn’t get investments elsewhere. In 2008, during a down real estate market, Trump sold to a Russian oligarch for $95 million a Palm Beach property he’d bought for $41 million. Despite these facts, Trump has claimed he had “no deals” with Russia.

Why have we never seen his tax returns?

Putin has to know all about Trump’s financial deals and Trump knows Putin knows. Trump may be siding with the Russian leader out of fear of exposure or he may actually be a bought asset. We should all hope Mueller gets to the bottom of this — as well as whether there was direct collusion between Russia and Trump and/or his campaign to get him elected in 2016. And, if Mueller gets fired, that he delivers a report to Congress on what he’s learned.