Everybody has religious beliefs, some people just deny it

Take Feinstein, for example. She detects the power of dogma within another person’s heart, but this Jedi mind trick is only possible because she too is guided by powerful dogmas. Feinstein has a view of the world that guides her to believe that the absolute sanctity of a woman’s body is of greater importance than the sanctity of human life. This is a moral position — not scientific or sociological — rooted in a religious worldview.

It is not just views on abortion that are rooted in religion. Politicians claim to want to help the poor. Sociological analyses and economic studies may help politicians in that quest, but that quest start with claim: We ought to help the poor. This is a moral claim rooted in a view of the world — a religion.

Fiscal policy is rooted in religion. Money is a reflection of morality. Every dollar spent says something about what you value in this world. The same holds true of government. Likewise, foreign policy is a reflection of one’s view of the world, the human person, and our moral obligation to the world and our fellow person. Suffice it to say that there is not a single issue that is amoral or areligious.

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