After the Putin summit, any responsible member of Trump’s national security team must resign

The Trump–Putin press conference in Helsinki on Monday was the most appalling appearance by an American president on a foreign stage in recent memory, perhaps in all of history.

In one sense, the summit between the leaders wasn’t as bad as many expected, in that President Trump didn’t seem to concede much on policy (unless he did so secretly in the two leaders’ one-on-one session). But in another sense, it was much worse than anyone might have imagined, in that Trump proved himself to be completely in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s pocket.

Really, any member of Trump’s national security team who doesn’t resign immediately—or perhaps better, offer to testify about any incriminating information they might possess—is from this point on doing a disservice to the United States.

The moment that should have been a turning point for all Americans was when Trump was asked whom he believes on the question of whether Russia interfered with the 2016 election: Putin, who denies all involvement, or the U.S. intelligence community, which unanimously and firmly concludes otherwise.

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