Putin set a trap for Robert Mueller in his press conference with Donald Trump

Here’s roughly how the Russian leader would like things to unfold: Now that the Special Counsel has indicted a group of 12 Russian intelligence officers for interfering in the U.S. elections, Putin wants to see the evidence, ideally translated into Russian and sent to the authorities in Moscow, all in accordance with an obscure law-enforcement treaty that the U.S. and Russia signed nearly two decades ago.

Russian investigators would then take the evidence, question the accused and send Mueller back a report, which he can go and stick right up his file cabinet. This, at least, is the roadmap Putin laid out during his press conference on Monday with President Donald Trump, who referred to it as an “incredible offer.”

Incredible or not, it was calibrated not only to taunt the Special Counsel –“What’s his name again,” Putin asked at one point, as though this fact was not entirely worthy of his attention, “Mister Myuler? Miller?” – but also to leave U.S. investigators with no good options.