Targeting Kavanaugh

There are two big flaws in their hyperbole. The prospects of the lawsuit’s ending Obamacare are quite poor. And even if it did, America wouldn’t sit still. A new health system would quickly be created, probably a better one than Obamacare.

The second long-shot attack involves GOP senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. It’s dawned on Democrats that arguing Neil Gorsuch would be the fifth vote to kill Roe didn’t work with them last year, and isn’t likely to work against Kavanaugh now.

Collins and Murkowski voted for Gorsuch and seem a fair bet to back Kava­naugh too. The two senators did take a hike, though, when Republicans sought to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. And with their help, Republicans were thwarted. So why not try to peel them away from their party on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, only with wild claims about health care?

Farfetched? For sure. But Demo­crats’ chances of keeping Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court are mighty slim. It makes sense to swing for the fences. Democrats can get away with calling Republicans killers, labeling them racists, or causing an uproar. The press won’t mind if they insinuate that Kavanaugh’s a killer.

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