Sessions is right that separating families isn’t like the Nazis. It’s like slave owners.

Now, the Trump cultists who defend anything the president does have come up with laughable arguments to defend the indefensible. Laura Ingraham, the Trumpist host of her own Fox TV program, The Ingraham Angle, called opposition to Sessions’ policy “faux liberal outrage” and said children are sent to facilities “that are essentially summer camps.”

Ingraham is a mother, and while there’s no sign she would send her own children to join these immigrants for the rest of the summer months, she also argues that the real problem is not the “summer camps” where children separated from their families are held, sometimes in cages, but the liberals making the confinement of the children into a “political weapon attempting to emotionally implicate the public perception of immigration enforcement.”

In our current sick political climate, the Trump administration and its sycophants are defending the indefensible. How ironic that as I write this on June 19, the country celebrates “Juneteenth,” the anniversary of the day in 1865 on which emancipation was celebrated.