The forced separation of families is Trump's "Katrina moment"

What was striking back in 2005 was that Katrina was the culmination of so many disgusting Bush policies, including torture and massive incursions on civil liberties after 9/11 and the tragic, ill-conceived war in Iraq. Katrina was the culmination of a presidency that had turned rotten and the stench was impossible to ignore any longer.

The forced separation of immigrant children at the border is the exact same phenomenon, just in a tighter time frame. The country has suffered through 18 months of a heartless, clueless presidency marked by lies, a betrayal of global alliances that have stood since the end of the second world war, the undoing of treaties and regulations that protect the environment, ceaseless attacks on the successful Obama healthcare plan and the undoing of many programs that help the poor, to name only some of the outrages. This disastrous zero tolerance immigration policy is merely the crescendo of a disastrous, young administration.