FBI agent who wanted to "stop" Trump has really just helped him

“We’ll stop it.”

With the revelation of those three words, which popped up in today’s Justice Department report about the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton, the world has changed.

We now know that senior FBI official Peter Strzok sought to calm his mistress and fellow FBI official Lisa Page’s fears of a Trump presidency by promising to stop it from happening. By text message.

Eighteen months later, Congress asked the Justice Department for all materials relating to the couple’s conduct — and the text containing those three words was missing from those materials. The thing was, the text to which it was a response was supplied to Congress. But not the smoking gun. That had been disappeared. Until the Justice Department report revealed them.

Let’s face it: It is highly unlikely that this extraordinarily incendiary text simply vanished of its own accord. Someone almost surely vanished it so that it would not become the subject of a thousand Fox News broadcasts. I think we can presume that special someone was its author, Peter Strzok.