The Virginia GOP has already lost the Senate race

The man has known ties with Paul Nehlen – the incredibly racist wannabe-challenger to Paul Ryan in Wisconsin – and Jason Kessler, the man who organized the Charlottesville “protest” that was little more than a rally for white supremacist groups.

Stewart has since said both he cut ties with both men and does not associate with them any longer. However, he has made the Confederate flag a key campaign issue, something other white supremacist groups enjoy, and Nehlen didn’t suddenly become a neo-Nazi overnight. He was always knee-deep in the alt-right.

Even if you truly believe Stewart when he says that he does not share their beliefs, the fact of the matter is that he is tainted goods, electorally speaking. I don’t believe it, though. You don’t make friends with Nehlen and Kessler without believing what they do. Their brand of “conservatism” is a cult that sees race as a cultural issue. You don’t just affiliate with that cult. You share their beliefs.