Please, conservatives, speak out against this horrific border policy

News of a Honduran father’s suicide after having been separated from his wife and child is renewing interest in the policy of separating the families of illegal immigrants at the border.

If you haven’t heard about the story, things went south when Border Patrol agents told Marco Antonio Muñoz that he would be separated from his wife and three-year old child. At that point, “The guy lost his s—,” one anonymous agent told the Washington Post. “They had to use physical force to take the child out of his hands.”

This is merely the latest outrage; the uptick in incidents is the result of a new zero-tolerance policy, whereby any illegal entrant is criminally prosecuted. Those defending the policy reason that this is what happens any time a parent breaks the law.

“Children and parents get separated every day across this country when a parent is charged with a criminal offense,” said ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan.