GOP scolds Trump team for feud with Canada

Republicans can’t believe it’s come to this: The United States is now clashing with Canada.

Already rattled by President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs on key U.S. allies, GOP lawmakers were increasingly alarmed Monday by the administration’s condemnation of the United States’ neighbor to the north. Canada is one of the country’s closest trading and military partners, but on Sunday, senators were stunned to see top Trump adviser Peter Navarro say that there’s a “special place in hell” for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Asked if he’s concerned about the country’s relationship with Canada, Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) replied: “Of course.”

Navarro “should have kept his big mouth shut because I don’t think that helps us in foreign policy. And frankly I think that’s out of line,” Hatch said, adding that Trump’s visit to Quebec for the G-7 meeting “could have been handled a lot better.”