When it comes to the international chess game, Trump is a master

The president has opened up multiple advances on multiple diplomatic and military fronts. So radical are the moves that it is hard to grasp that he has been in office only slightly more than 500 days.

Regarding China, since the “Nixon opening” in 1972, administration after administration has been obsessed with expanding our trading relationship with that sleeping giant of which Napoleon warned “let her sleep. For when she wakes she will move the world.” Decades later, non-communist but highly fascist, China has weaponized its economy to take advantage of Western avarice for cheaply made products. Today it owns nearly $2 trillion of U.S. debt, while our trade deficit with it was approximately $367 billion in 2017.

President Trump has had the courage to stand athwart free-trade fanatics (an aside: we never have had free trade with China) and those obsessed with appeasing the Chinese so as to not risk conflict. His initial moves on both tariffs and tone seem to have gotten their attention. With China wide awake and not going back to sleep, President Trump is asserting American power to make sure China stops moving our world.