Trump is a bully who thought Canada was weak. He was wrong about us.

The problem, for Trump, is that he is wrong. Canada’s population and economy may be smaller than America’s, but that does not make us weak. Trump has focused his ire on Canadian dairy, where we maintain a “supply management” system that keeps foreign products out of the country. Many Canadians would like to see the back of it, and Trump could have pushed Canada closer to dismantling this system as part of ongoing Nafta renegotiations.

Best of luck with that now, Mr Art of the Deal. Canadians won’t consent to scrapping our supply management system if it becomes a point of national self-respect. We won’t be reduced to a simpering client state. If a few years of economic hardship is the cost of our pride, so be it.

To the walls with our overpriced cheese. And make the Americans pay for it!