Hey, populists: Hire some eggheads

And, look, I get it. Yes, the cult of expertise has done a lot of damage, and yes, “we know what we’re doing” has too often been used as a fig-leaf for a mix of blind arrogance and blatant trough-feeding. Fake expertise is bad! But that doesn’t mean all expertise is bad.

I can agree with you that the pilot is flying the plane in the wrong direction. I can agree with you about where the plane should be headed. It would still be a good idea if you took flying lessons before you got into the cockpit.

Brexit is a perfect example of this. The reason why Brexit is such an amazing opportunity for Britain is also what makes it so terrifying. Britain wrenching itself free from the grip of Brussels will give it a blank page on so many issues that were ruled by European law. In so many areas, it will be able to start fresh. That means that tens of thousands of pages of legislation and regulations will have to be rewritten. By whom? Not by skilled euroskeptics, because there simply aren’t enough of them to go around. In all likelihood, they will be written by lobbyists or bureaucrats. Or bureaucrats-turned-lobbyists.