Jesse Watters: I don’t appreciate being lectured on ‘real patriotism’ by Don Lemon

On Thursday, Jesse Watters opened up his Fox News show by declaring that the debate over kneeling over the National Anthem is “at a fever pitch” and touting President Donald Trump‘s patriotic celebration held at the White Hosue in lieu of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl celebration.

“We stand to pay tribute to the incredible Americans who came before us and the heroic sacrifices they made. And we proudly stand for our glorious nation under God,” Trump is heard saying in the clip played by Watters of the patriotic celebration.

Then, at the conclusion of the clip, Watters made this observation, taking a pot shot at CNN: “While the president took the high road, CNN took the low one accusing the president of being fake.”

Watters then played a clip of CNN’s Don Lemon talking about real patriotism.