ICE deserves every bit of our contempt

At a recent event hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies ― an anti-immigrant hate group founded by a eugenicist and white nationalist ― Thomas Homan, the outgoing acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (and Donald Trump’s chief family destroyer), told a crowded room that the men and women of ICE are not racist and that they deserve thanks from this country.


Does a federal agent ― a person sworn to serve and protect this nation and its citizens, deserve thanks for harassing U.S. citizens outside courthouses because they look like an immigrant the agency aggressively targets? Perhaps U.S. children should write you personal thank-you notes for deporting their parents. Surely, this is the kind of acknowledgment and recognition that your agents crave so they can refuel their inhumane and destructive practices.

They say that truth hurts, but here’s the truth about the 20,000 “patriots” who work for ICE and why they are not the heroes Trump and Homan always paint them to be.