There's no good reason for championship teams to visit the White House, no matter who the president is

On Friday morning, President Trump said whether the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors win the NBA championship, they will not be receiving an invitation to the White House (Spoiler alert: Golden State is going to win).

The announcement came shortly after the stars of both teams who are fighting for the title, Steph Curry of Golden State and LeBron James of Cleveland, said their teams would not go if invited. Perhaps this and the Philadelphia Eagles lack of interest in coming to the White House earlier in the week should lead Trump to a realization: there’s no reason why this tradition needs to continue.

The whole practice seems like it’s out of 12th-century England. The sitting president is a democratically elected official, not the king of the country. After teams win a sports championship, why is it that they “earn” an invite to meet the president? The president isn’t supposed to be a God-like figure; whoever is in the office is just the head of one of three branches of government. They are not a person worth worshiping or seeking approval from, even for those who agree with their policies. If they were, then people like Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, and Trump, who have engaged in extramarital affairs, probably wouldn’t be the men for the job.