You can earn $3,500 for staying in "Hotel Influenza"

looking to take 10 days off from work and get paid for it? St. Louis University may be willing to fund your getaway. But there’s a catch: You have get sick and stay quarantined at “Hotel Influenza.”

The university has converted a 24-room hotel into a research center and is looking to intentionally expose their “guests” to the flu, all for the sake of science, CBS St. Louis reports. The SLU team says the project will help them test new vaccines for the illness.

“Human challenge studies are a way to get a lot of information quicker, with a smaller number of volunteers and less cost than a traditional vaccine study,” Dr. Daniel Hoft said in a university news release. He said it’s the ideal environment for testing possible universal flu vaccines — a holy grail of influenza research which would offer protection against many different strains of the virus.