Yep, Bill Clinton is still a monster

For serial sexual harassers, the preternatural sense of entitlement that leads them to prey on weaker individuals in the first place is a consistent thread. It is what also leads them to believe they will, time and time again, get away with it, and, in the end, that they didn’t really do anything wrong.

That sense of entitlement — to unfettered sexual access, to public trust or unequivocal forgiveness, and to keep their public good-standing — explains Anthony Weiner insisting his computers were hacked, or Bill Cosby smiling maniacally through his trial to intimidate and discredit his accusers, or Weinstein’s attorney offering up the disgusting excuse that he didn’t “invent” the concept of sex-for-work in Hollywood.

And it explains why Clinton is so indignant today. Frankly, he had some help. The public gave him a pass at the time. Feminists, liberal women — even his wife — protected him, attacked his accusers, and insisted to the rest of us that, essentially, his good public work overshadowed his bad private behavior.