Are Democrats blowing it?

But on policy, the Democratic record looks even worse. Trump’s rhetoric continues to fuel feelings of unmoored chaos, but the markets continue to soar, the job market grows, and we’re not in the middle of any serious foreign-policy crisis. In 2016, CNN Money warned, “A Trump win would sink stocks.” Nope. Pelosi warned that Trump’s tax cuts were mere “crumbs” that would amount to nothing. Nope. Hollywood celebrities warned about the significant possibility of global thermonuclear war. Nope. Democrats promised a dystopian hellscape. Instead, they got an economy so good that the New York Times ran a piece headlined “We Ran Out of Words to Describe How Good the Jobs Numbers Are.”

Democrats have therefore had to fall back on their font of ideas: a 76-year-old socialist loonbag from Vermont, the ideological leader of their party. Bernie Sanders has spent the last few months gallivanting around stirring up the populist revolution for $15 minimum wage. His most recent target: Disney, a corporation that leans to the left and employs some 200,000 Americans. Sanders’s preferred policy prescriptions have already been embraced by Seattle, which is busily alienating its major businesses ranging from Amazon to Microsoft, and California, which continues to look more like Mad Max than Vermont.

So perhaps policy isn’t the big winner Democrats are looking for, either.