Confession: I’m the time-traveling hacker who is destroying Joy Reid

You may be asking why I would use the powers of time travel and the Internet for such a trivial matter. That’s a valid question. The best answer is probably just to say, “That’s what the Internet is for” and move on.

Have you scrolled your Uncle Frank’s Facebook page at any point in the past few years? You see what I’m talking about. Sure, there are some benefits, but mostly the Internet just streamlines ranting. Sometimes, though, that ranting needs to be aided, accelerated. That’s where I come in.

First, I pick a target. In this case, obviously, it was Reid. Then I hop in my time travel machine and off I go, back to just after she hit send on various posts and proceeded to promptly ignore them forever, because that’s what you do when you post things on the Internet. That’s where I find my openings.