A society ripped apart by full-frontal incivility

Think about what would have happened if her name was Samuel, not Samantha. A male host would have been out the TBS door, immediately, for using that vulgar term about the female anatomy. Feminism and being female are not a license for demeaning another woman. And Bee’s less-noticed addition — “Put on something tight and low-cut” — was almost as repugnant, insinuating some kind of sexual, or at least sexualized relationship between Ivanka Trump and her father.

What is worse is that, unlike Barr’s impulsive tweet, Bee’s commentary was a premeditated group effort. It would have been one thing for Bee to use the word she chose, instead of a less-offensive one, carried away on the spur of the moment in front of a cheering live audience. That’s not what happened. That word was in the script . Someone wrote it. Someone edited it. Someone approved it. And after it was said, before the show aired, no one associated with the whole enterprise apparently thought better of it, at least not enough to excise the remarks.