CNN owes Dana Loesch an apology

Everyone on the anti-gun side felt as if they were dealing a serious blow to the bad guys by dragging Loesch across the coals on live television despite its one-sided nature. It was Loesch vs an entire stadium that night, and the anti-gun crowd, CNN, and Sheriff Isreal were all riding high.

And then, almost as soon as the facts began rolling in afterward, Loesch was vindicated. As it turned out, it was the Broward Sheriff’s Dept that had screwed the proverbial pooch, and on multiple occasions no less. Even before the shooting began, the Parkland shooter had given 39 different occasions for the Broward Sheriff’s Dept to act against him and revoke his ability to purchase firearms. They did nothing.

Instead, they allowed the problem to worsen for the sake of good numbers until one day the shooter purchased firearms and used them to shoot up a school.