Bill Maher rips right-wing "snowflakes" for equating him with Roseanne

“Now, my friend Roseanne had admitted that she had been admitted to a mental institution,” the host added. “She has said she has multiple personalities and unfortunately one of them is quite a racist. But it is also not a mystery to me that a person with a mental illness could be taken in by a party that has lost its mind.”

Later, after calling Trump a “whiny little bitch” for making the Roseanne controversy about himself, Maher responded to those who were trying to make it about him.

“He was complaining that ABC never apologizes to him,” Maher said of Trump. “Yeah, because no one at ABC ever compared you to an ape. You’re thinking of me.” He noted the “snowflakes on the right” trying to “drag” him into this mess, saying he should be fired for comparing Trump to an orangutan.