Maria Bartiromo's strange trip to becoming one of Trump's top boosters

As that success continued, so progressed Bartiromo’s embrace of Trumpism and the more rabid, alt-right elements of his fanbase. Her Twitter feed often veers from retweeting crudely made pro-Trump and anti-immigrant memes, to alt-right conspiracy theorists like Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich, to liking uncouth tweets such as one mocking the physical appearance of MSNBC host Joy Reid by calling her a man.

When not sharing Fox content, Bartiromo posts articles almost exclusively from pro-Trump outlets like The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Hannity’s go-to pro-Trump “investigative reporter” Sara Carter, and Zero Hedge, a financial blog often described as “conspiratorial” and unabashedly pro-Russia.

That coziness with Trumpist media seemingly reached a climax when, shortly before the election, she twice promoted a pro-Trump troll’s completely fabricated smear that Clinton referred to Muslims as “sand n—ers.” She eventually deleted the retweets and responded to the ensuing outcry by blocking the reporter who’d first called her out.