Why conservatives rush to embrace crazy celebrities like Roseanne

Roseanne Barr has fallen. Again. At least for now. The fact that she was erratic, offensive and even racist should not have come as a surprise to ABC, or to anyone. And yet …

A big part of conservative identity is the self-perception of being outcast by people who “matter” in society. You hear the laments about distant and cruel “elites” every day on Fox News, talk radio and especially conservative media online. It’s seen as the operative force behind media bias, “NeverTrump” critics and, importantly, the entertainment industry.

The last is especially significant. Hollywood is our national popularity contest, and conservatives are definitely in the wrong clique.

That’s the basis for a phenomenon, frequently ridiculed by the left, where conservatives enthusiastically, even wildly, embrace anyone with a modicum of fame in the arts who shows even mild sympathy toward conservative views. Or just a view, singular.