The new rules of CaPiTaLiZaTiOn


Old fashioned: Capitalize the first word of each sentence. Even sentence fragments. If it comes after a colon, you have a choice: Capitalize it or don’t …The same goes for ellipses — but not for dashes, commas, semicolons, etc.

Current: If the first word in your sentence is a name that is pointedly lowercase, you have to decide whether to capitalize it. danah boyd probably won’t like it if you put her at the start of a sentence as Danah. eBay presents a similar conundrum.

Full potential: It’s easier to see where a sentence starts when there’s a capital letter ‡ still, you could always use some larger, more obvious symbol in place of periods ‡ you could also end a sentence with a capitaL. the visual distinction would be about the samE. it would look self-conscious, but capital letters ARE self-consciouS.