French researchers: Hitler really did die in the bunker in 1945

It was the first time that researchers outside of Russia were allowed access to the teeth, which are held by Russia’s intelligence service, the FSB.

The researchers explain that Hitler had notoriously bad teeth and by the time he died, at age 56, only a few of his own still remained. According to Deutsche Welle, “The teeth matched descriptions provided by Hitler’s dentist and revealed no trace of meat — consistent with the fact that the Führer was vegetarian.”

The teeth were also readily identifiable because of “conspicuous and unusual prostheses and bridgework” described by Hitler’s personal dentist, Hugo Blaschke and his assistant, Kathe Heusermann, according to DW.

“The teeth are authentic — there is no possible doubt,” lead pathologist Philippe Charlier was quoted by Agence France-Press as saying. “Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945.”