How Trump changed everything for The Onion

POLITICO: ResistanceHole, the new site you’ve put together, it seems like that’s what it’s about.

Nackers: Yeah, ClickHole had already been covering the other side of it, so it seemed only natural. In a way, it almost feels like the resistance stuff is even more fun to make fun of.

POLITICO: Why is that?

Nackers: They are just so self-serious. There’s a lot of times when you disagree, and people say, ‘You’re a Russian. You’re bought off by the Russians.’ And it’s like, come on. For people who feel like this is a serious thing and there may be huge repercussions for all this Russia stuff, you’re doing a disservice to what you’re supposedly fighting for by just blindly attacking.

And it kind of lends credence to saying it’s a witch hunt. I’ve seen people literally do a witch hunt on powerless people and attack them. It’s kind of crazy that people are doing that or that they want to immediately take away someone’s First Amendment rights and say you can’t speak like conservatives who want to speak on college campuses. It makes no sense to me. Let people speak. Don’t make them into martyrs who aren’t allowed to speak and then their message is amplified. They’re going to draw more people if they become proponents of the First Amendment, versus whatever message you disagreed with. It’s a very dangerous situation.