Glenn Beck changes sides again. Does anyone believe him?

“Glenn Beck succumbs to the imperatives of the conservative entertainment complex,” tweeted Republican pundit David Frum, a former White House speechwriter for George W. Bush, advancing a reasonable theory.

However, a person who knows Beck very well (and asked not to be identified) suggested that his old friend’s latest conversion hardly deserves the bandwidth it’s getting, calling Friday’s performance a “desperate and predictable act of a man hanging on to his last shred of relevance by a thread. Trying desperately to woo back the massive number of fans lost when he opposes Trump. Sad.”…

“Having watched Glenn Beck for months and years being as critical of Trump as much as anyone, on one level this is stunning,” said Sykes, a former Milwaukee radio host who conducted a famously hostile interview with Trump just before the 2016 Wisconsin primary. “On another level it’s just an acknowledgement of the incredible pressure on the right to conform. There’s really not a business model for conservative media to be anti-Trump, and perhaps Glenn Beck is just simply acknowledging that.”