Eliminate Article II’s anomalous "natural born" requirement

Anomalous Article II: If you were running a public company in the United States today, would you limit the CEO position to natural-born citizens? Be honest. Consider, too, whether POTUS is so distinct as to merit different treatment not only from how an American public company would define CEO eligibility but also from how the U.S. Constitution defines eligibility to be a federal lawmaker or life-tenured federal judge.

Buy American: Federal law renders people eligible to become citizens after satisfying residency, knowledge, language, and good moral character requirements. Naturalized citizens who satisfy these requirements are Made in America. If the process is good enough to turn someone into an American citizen with all the other rights and responsibilities of citizenship, does it really make sense to withhold presidential eligibility alone? And whatever reason you might have for thinking it does make sense to withhold presidential eligibility alone, would it still make sense after also requiring fourteen years in America as an American citizen?