House Republicans in the middle of an immigration nightmare

— REPUBLICANS ARE IN A BOX. The discharge petition is a bad look for a lot of conservatives, who rightly think that the process will lead to a bill that will be carried mostly by Democrats. But it’s a central part of how the House works.

— THE PEOPLE SIGNING THE PETITION — McCarthy’s close friend Jeff Denham of California, among them — have waited years for a bill, and frankly have no incentive to believe any leadership-backed effort until it’s imminent. WaPo’s Mike DeBonis breaks some of the dynamics down

— RYAN AND HIS LEADERSHIP TEAM are in search of a deal to get around the discharge petition. The only way they can do that is to find another compromise which has 218 — and that compromise can also do away with the discharge petition. We’re not sure what that deal would look like, since Republicans have whiffed on immigration for nearly a decade. But any deal would have to be a White House-backed effort, and would have to be a middle-of-the-road compromise since Ryan says he wants any bill he puts on the floor to get signed into law. MAKE NO MISTAKE this is a mess for the GOP.