Why on earth is Ivanka being blamed for bloodshed in Gaza?

The day after the dedication of the embassy in Jerusalem, the cover of the New York Daily News featured a front page photo of Ivanka Trump with the caption “Daddy’s Little Ghoul: 55 slaughtered in Gaza, but Ivanka all smiles at embassy unveil.”

The headline implied two things: first, that she was responsible for the violence, and second, that she is a proxy for her father. By playing on the phrase, “Daddy’s little girl,” it suggested that she’s a child rather than an adult, incapable of thinking or acting for herself, while simultaneously blaming her for the bloodshed in Gaza.

The Daily News wasn’t the only one to belittle Ivanka on gendered grounds. Writing in a New York Times editorial, Michelle Goldberg wrote of “Ivanka Trump smiling in Jerusalem a Zionist Marie Antoinette.”

And yet, this kind of coverage is par for the course with Ivanka and Trump detractors. She is always too female, too pretty, too young, too daughter-ish. Note that no one called Jared Kushner — who actually spoke at length — a Zionist Marie Antoinette, or created newspaper covers calling him “Daddy’s Little Boy.”

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