Tough times for the Resistance?

“Well, whatever,” a resistance loyalist might say. “Didn’t you read ‘All the President’s Men’ ”? (Author’s note: I did.) “Drip, drip, drip,” said loyalist might continue. “The truth shall potentially out, and this is not like the late 1990s at all!”

Let’s assume, as a thought experiment, that this is correct. Let’s assume that the upcoming midterm elections will feature a sizable “blue wave” of enthusiastic Democratic turnout, despite the fact that said Democrats are largely running on tax hikes, high-octane socialism, economically disastrous ideas such as “guaranteed” government jobs and forcing everyone to buy expensive solar panels for new houses (oh, sorry, that’s just California). Let’s then assume that, given the supposed incoming blue wave, the wildest resistance dreams come true and Trump is impeached and removed from office.

This all depends on a whole lot of sizable “ifs” — and as an aside, the GOP recently moved up in some midterm polls — but that’s beside the point. Friends, don’t you see? Even if the resistance achieved its purported goal, gird your loins, gnash your teeth and for heaven’s sake don’t say “The Handmaid’s Tale” three times in front of a mirror: Mike Pence would likely become president, and I have it on good authority from left-leaning friends that he is worse than Voldemort and Darth Vader and the Soup Nazi from “Seinfield” combined.

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