Is Stormy Daniels seeking attention or is she on a political crusade?

Daniels’ initial reason for filing the lawsuit against Trump was to be able to speak freely about their affair. In that filing, it was suggested Daniels wants to further demonstrate to the public that Trump is a womanizer. It says that after the Access Hollywood tape was published “several women came forward publicly to tell their personal stories about their sexual encounters with Mr Trump. Around this time, Ms Clifford likewise sought to share details surrounding her relationship and encounters with Mr Trump with various media outlets.”

Daniels has used her media appearances to maintain pressure on the White House while her lawyer aggressively joins the dots between Cohen, Trump and the $130,000 paid to Daniels. She also joked on her Saturday Night Live appearance that the only thing the president could do to silence her was to resign, suggesting that this is a politically motivated crusade.

Yet this has all been interspersed with jokes about Trump’s genitals, sexual performance, and his phobia of sharks. Daniels has plainly been enjoying the benefits of increased fame, relishing appearances on chat shows and becoming a headline act at strip clubs. She admitted she was being paid far more for nightclub appearances since January, but said she also had to spent more on security.

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