Sorry, there’s not going to be any "blue tidal wave" this fall

There’s no room for classical freedoms when there’s a frenzied mob starving for its daily dose of outrage. The left now wantonly advocates violence against dissenters and frequently carries it out. Progressives haven’t just abandoned the best parts of liberalism, they’ve embraced the worst tactics once used only by the far-right.

This was bad in the years leading up to Trump’s victory and has only gotten worse since. Instead of toning down, the left has doubled down — with fresh attacks every day on any American institution imaginable. Upon the altar of impossible multi-culturalism, the schizophrenic left has sacrificed any hint of unity, which we’re seeing already with nasty primaries and disobedient candidates.

They have no core set of principles such as, say, nationalism — or even better, shared religious values. Their manufactured unity is constantly shrieking about prejudice, and inventing it when they can’t find it, with divisive, hypocritical nonsense like “micro-aggressions,” “cultural appropriation,” and telling people they can’t wear Black Panther costumes.

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