Donald Trump’s best week ever

When Donald Trump imposed harsh sanctions on North Korea last year, exchanged insults (“dotard,” “rocketman”) with Kim Jong Un, and uttered such words as “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea,” critics accused him of putting the United States “on the path to World War III.” Actually, one of the president’s ostensible allies in his own party said that. His more full-throated critics said worse. Instead of a path to war, the president’s words persuaded the North Koreans to release three Americans held in captivity, formally end their war with South Korea, and agree to June talks with the United States on neutral ground. Talk of a Nobel Peace Prize abounds.

Domestically, tranquility ensues. April’s jobs report indicates a 3.9 unemployment rate. This marks the first time in the new millennium that the rate sank below four percent. The black unemployment reached its lowest level since the federal government began compiling the statistic.

The missteps and crashes of celebrity Trump haters over the past seven days compounds matters for the rank-and-file Trump haters.

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