Why I don't regret quitting my job and becoming a stay-at-home mom

I’m just a stay-at-home mom.

Both kids are bathed, hair combed, teeth brushed, dressed and fed breakfast. I’m still in my pajamas. My son and I crafted this awesome car out of a cardboard box while I fed the baby. Laundry is done and I’ve folded it twice to have it dumped out by the toddler each time. It’s not even noon and I’m ready for nap time. I won’t get to take that nap, however, because my breasts are so painfully engorged that I have to pump. I also have to wash the bottles, fold the laundry again and pick up the toys. Oh wait! Stop everything! Newborn is up again. I have to feed him, burp him, change his diaper and lay him down to sleep in his swing.

Okay, maybe now I’ll have a break to eat.

Nope, toddler is awake. Take him to the potty, put on his favorite show and make a snack for him.

Did I eat yet?

I can’t remember. Oh well. Time to start supper.

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