Rush Limbaugh's latest rejection of conservatism

Talk radio’s Rush Limbaugh delighted at the expansive twists and turns of the independent counsel investigation of Bill Clinton, cheering it all the way to impeachment, despite polls suggesting Americans wanted Congress to censure the president and move on. He met Barack Obama’s election by declaring that he wanted him to fail, then allied with men who tried to discredit Obama by falsely stating he was born abroad.

But now that the nation’s leading birther, Donald Trump, is in the White House, Limbaugh purports to be outraged by what he calls efforts to undermine and unseat a duly elected president.

In recent segments on his show, he has claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is “actually a cover-up for all of the things the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee engaged in to try to taint the election,” and additionally, that “if these people don’t like the way you voted, they’re gonna just throw it out. They’re gonna do whatever they can to undermine it and sabotage it, ’cause they don’t like the result.”

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