Why I revealed that Tom Brokaw harassed me

The letter of support demonstrates another difficult issue we must come to terms with if the #MeToo movement is going to bring about real change. Not all harassers are cartoonish bogeymen who mistreat every woman in their path. It isn’t really relevant that while a man might have harassed some women, he didn’t harass all women. Many men who harass have been well-liked and respected inside the organization and publicly. They are, like all of us, multidimensional.

I learned this early on from my experiences working for Roger Ailes at Fox News. He treated me with the utmost fairness and respect, and I was under the impression that he behaved that way with all his staffers. Years after I left television, the allegations against him came to light. Mainly because of my own experience with Brokaw, I did not think it was right for me to join the chorus of people who rushed to publicly defend Ailes.

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