Michael Avenatti’s rules for radicals

Where Stormy Daniels’ lawyer got his tricks.

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti recently achieved status as a Permanent Guest on CNN. He’s appeared on one of its shows more than 60 times in the two months since filing the lawsuit to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement the adult-film actress entered into with Donald Trump.

Go ahead and joke about TV’s bright lights sun-burning his bald head all the way to skin cancer. Avenatti won’t mind. All the world is his court and all the men and women in it merely jurors. Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360° on Tuesday night, where he was as poised as a fat cat taking a limousine to the airport, he explained his method.

“There’s been some criticism about our media strategy and how often I’ve been on CNN and how often I’ve been on your show and other networks,” Avenatti said. “Here’s the bottom line, Anderson. It’s working. OK? It’s working in spades. And one of the reasons, and one of the ways that it’s working, is because we’re so out front on this, people send us information. People want to help our cause. People contact us with information.”

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