Hispanics score under Trump

In contrast to the mainstream media narrative that the current president represents a retrenchment to a monolithic white America, the results so far suggest that exactly the opposite is happening as both Hispanic and African-American jobless figures reach all-time lows. Small and start-up businesses – the normal engine of job creation – particularly thrive under the sensible regulatory restraint of this administration. In addition, recent surveys show soaring confidence among Americans about the humming U.S. economy.

This expansion among small business represents an especially crucial improvement for Hispanics, who are statistically the most entrepreneurial demographic in America. Perhaps this start-up grit among my fellow Hispanics explains why Latinos massively outperformed polling and media expectations for Trump in the 2016 election despite widespread predictions of doom. In 2016, he bested the Hispanic vote earned by GOP nominee Mitt Romney in 2012, according to exit polling. Not bad for a candidate constantly derided by clueless political elites as anti-Latino.

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