Woman details nightmare date with "repulsive" Schneiderman

“Then at a red light, he leans over and kisses me. But it was a really aggressive tongue-down-your-throat kind of kiss. And I pulled away, and he asked if there was a problem.

“And I said, ‘Actually, I just like a little bit of tongue.’ ’’

She said Schneiderman shot back, “ ‘Oh, do you just like a little bit of d–k, too?’

“I couldn’t believe it,’’ Jennifer said. “We had been talking about his daughter at dinner who must have been really young then. I couldn’t believe someone with a daughter would say that.

“I said, ‘Pull over, I’m getting out of the car.’ And he kept driving in the direction of the party. And I asked him at least three or four times before he finally let me out of the car.

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