North Korea could be offered regime security as part of deal

“The details have to be worked out at the negotiating table, but generally it will be a comprehensive package of denuclearization in return for regime security and, if we go further, the well-being of the regime,” South Korea’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador for Public Diplomacy Enna Park told TIME in an exclusive interview in Hong Kong Tuesday…

South Korea, which would bear the costs either of another war or of propping up its neighbor as it hobbles out of isolation and poverty, is counting on the U.S. to be both decisive and reasonable. Kim wants the growth that could be offered by the South — the two sides have drawn plans for a “new economic map” merging them into a single market — but the sanctions regime must be lifted before blueprints can be implemented. Such a seismic shift depends directly on America’s successful negotiation of genuine denuclearization.

“South Korea cannot give North Korea what it wants: regime security,” Park said. “Without the U.S. we cannot proceed with the denuclearization process. The U.S. is the key player.”

Park said she had confidence in the Trump administration, and characterized the U.S.-Korean alliance as being at its “strongest ever.”

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