“I just don't believe that we have ever sent rockets into space”

Gallacher says he was first drawn to the theory of a flat Earth some years ago, but after researching the topic in more depth he became convinced. “I just don’t believe that we have ever sent rockets into space,” he told the newspaper. “I cannot comprehend that if space is a vacuum where there is no air, then what do the rockets propel against?”…

Though scientists assure Flat-Earthers that the visible curve of the horizon is proof of a spherical globe, Gallacher is yet to be convinced. “I have also viewed footage of amateur weather balloons that clearly show to me that the Earth is flat, as I cannot see a curvature anywhere,” he explained.

He found more evidence in observing the behavior of water. “Apparently water is always meant to fall at a level and does not bend,” Gallacher said, “So then how does the Earth manage to bend water all the way around a globe? It just doesn’t seem to add up.”

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